RICE: Wild asparagus and pumkin risotto
We wanted to come up with a vegetarian dish that would be original and at the same time contain a medley of garden vegetables. We decided to go for pumpkin, as we believe that despite its delightful fragrance, flavour and multitude of nutritional qualities, it is a vege¬table that does not get the recognition it deserves in haute cuisine. We discovered it a while back and we were so pleasantly surprised, that in the end we took the brave step to put it in a tin. After adding some wild asparagus, a little butter and some parmesan the end result is a simple but unctuous rice dish. The contrast between the sweetness of the pumpkin and the saltiness of the wild asparagus and cheese is too good to be true, and has to be tasted to be believed!
Ingredients: Water, Delta del Ebro rice, pumpkin, wild asparagus, chicken, carrot, margarine, cream, leek, onion, olive oil, salt, celery, parsley and pepper.

Allergy information: Contains celery, milk products.

Net weight per tin: 790 grams.
Net weight of accompanying rice: 170 grams.
Open the tin and savour the aroma Empty the contents of the tin into a small pan Place on the heat and bring up to the boil Then add the accompanying portion of rice and turn down the heat Leave to simmer for the specified length of time, stirring occasionally. If desired, parmesan could be added to certain risotto dishes two minutes before it is ready Remove from the heat and leave it of rice to rest for a few minutes, according to taste
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