RICE: Fish and seafood rice
Nobody is quite sure why in Spain arroz and paella dishes are traditionally eaten on Thursdays, but it has been this way since time immemo¬rial, even on the Ampordan coast. To make the base for our arroz de pescado a la cazuela, we seal some squid in a little oil, remove it from the pan and then add a tomato and onion sofrito, which is simmered very slowly over a low heat. It takes time, which is why Just Married does this for you. So that in just 20 minutes you can bring it to the table and make every Thursday a cause for celebration!
Ingredients: Water, squid, Delta del Ebro rice, monkfish, crab, spider crab, fish, chicken, carrot, onion, tomato, leek, bread crumbs, al¬monds, salt, sunflower oil, sugar, celery and pepper.

Allergy information: Contains gluten, almonds, celery, fish and seafood.

Net weight per tin: 790 grams.
Net weight of accompanying rice: 200 grams
Open the tin and savour the aroma Empty the contents of the tin into a small pan Place on the heat and bring up to the boil Then add the accompanying portion of rice and turn down the heat Leave to simmer for the specified length of time, stirring occasionally. If desired, parmesan could be added to certain risotto dishes two minutes before it is ready Remove from the heat and leave it of rice to rest for a few minutes, according to taste
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